More schools tap tech tools for learning

“Many of our students are comfortable with the use of technology even from an early age,” said Dr Victor Lim, deputy director of technologies for learning at the MOE. “Technology can be used not just to increase students’ engagement, but also to… help them learn better.”He added that the tools help students to achieve “future-ready” competencies, such as thinking critically as well as communicating and collaborating with others.

But experts such as Dr Lim noted that technology merely aids teachers in delivering their lessons and does not replace them. As part of their professional development, the teachers have gone through training and mentoring sessions to help them tap technology for teaching and learning. “Technology is just a tool,” Dr Lim said. “It is the educators who make the difference.”

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By Calvin Yang

This article was first published in The Straits Times on February 08, 2016.


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