Multimodal Literacy

Refreshed site on Multimodal Literacy.

Updated on the latest iteration of the Systemic Approach and FAMILY Framework for Critical Viewing after more than 4 years of development.






We have worked with teachers across several Singapore schools and have presented the Systemic Approach and FAMILY framework at many international conferences and local workshops. They include:

2015, September, BreMM15: Second International Symposium on the Theory and Practice of Multimodal Research Interdisciplinary Conference in Bremen University, Germany
Poster Presentation on Multimodal Translational Research: Teaching Visual Texts
2015, April, 14th Chinese National Functional Linguistics Conference at Beijing Normal University
Presented Paper on “Making Meaning in Multimodality: Translating Multimodality Theories into Instructional Strategies to Develop Students’ Critical Viewing Competencies”
2014, June, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
7th International Conference on Multimodality
In a Colloquium on “Cultivating Multimodal Literacy”
Presented Paper on “Developing a Multimodal Discourse Analysis Approach to Teach Visual Texts”
2014 , June, Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Teachers’ Conference
Co-Presentation on “Multimodal Literacy: Teaching Visual Texts Through a Systemic Approach (Critical Viewing)”.
2013, November, National Institute of Education
Presentation on Multimodal Literacy at NIE English Language Beginning Teachers
2013, 5th June, National Institute of Education
Redesigning Pedagogy. Thinking: Time for a Rethink?
Presentation on “A Systemic Approach to Teaching Advertisements”
2013-2016 Monthly Workshops at eduLab@AST



Learn more at Multimodal Studies!



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